Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tsutaya Yokohama Minatomirai (TSUTAYA 横浜みなとみらい店)

One of my favorite stores in Yokohama!
This Starbucks store is connected to a Tsutaya bookstore.
(it's dark outside due to energy conservation)

What's so great about this Starbucks is that it is a Book & Cafe concept store.
You're allowed to read unpurchased books and magazines
at your table or sofa while enjoying Starbucks drinks and food!

This was what I was looking through...a booklet about Yokohama,
which is where this store is located, close to chinatown.

Cakepop - Chocolate Nuts
(possibly my favorite...strawberry milk is good, too)

They have a lot of comfy sofas.
The whole place has a really relaxing atmosphere.

Oh and you'll be seeing this when you buy something.
Starbucks Japan has placed donation cups in all their stores now!

みなとみらい4-7-1 ミッドスクウェア
Mid Square
4-7-1 Minatomirai Nishi-ku
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa


Everyday: 7am-2am


  1. Nice! Reminds me of how a lot of Barnes and Noble bookstores have Starbucks built in, back in the States. Don't know if you can read unbought stuff there, though. That's a nice perk!

  2. I felt like I was commiting a crime the first time I brought an unperchased book back to my table! lol. But they have signboards that say you can so it's really great ;D

  3. Yeah, I'm used to cafe/bookstores, so I'm glad to see that they're doing that here! There's a lot of Starbucks /Barnes & Noble crosses. Some in the States prohibit bringing books from the store in the cafe area though, which is annoying, so I'm glad this one doesn't have that rule!

    Also, I really want to try the cake pops! I haven't been in to Sbux in aaages, I should get on that :)

  4. I always thought that cafe/bookstores didn't allow you to bring unpurchased books with you so I was really surprised when I first came here! There seems to be 19 Book & Cafe concept Starbucks stores in Japan...maybe there's one near you!

    And you should definitely try the cakepops! But maybe not all at once ;D

  5. I used to go to this branch twice a week early in the mornings right when they opened . Yes. This is one of the best branches in Japan.