Tuesday, January 1, 2013

AEON Mall Niihama (イオンモール新居浜店)


Retail stores all over Japan set out
special bags filled with the store products in it
called a Fuku-bukuro.

A lot of the Starbucks stores do this, too.

I bought my first bag last year and liked it so much
I bought another one this year!

Casi Cielo
Shade Grown Mexico

White Fuku-bukuro

There were two types of Fuku-bukuro:
5,000yen Bag (Black)
3,000yen Bag (White)

Inside the 5,000yen bag:

Big Heart Tumbler
Summer Paper Plane Tumbler
House Blend Coffee Bean (250g)
Pike Place Roast Coffee Bean (250g)
Starbucks VIA Columbia (12 sticks)
Ceramic Dripper and Mug
Logo Cup Rubber Band
Beverage Card

Inside the 3,000yen bag:

Double Wall Stainless Steel Cup
Breakfast Blend Coffee Bean (70g)
Stainless Steel Candle Light Ring Tumbler
Starbucks VIA Lightnote Blend (3 sticks)
Starbucks Recycled Cooler Bag
Two Beverage Cards

My sister and I ended up swapping a couple things,
which is what a lot of people do when they buy a fuku-bukuro.

I think this is going to become a tradition!

AEON Mall Niihama
8-8 Maeda-cho
Niihama-shi, Ehime



Everyday: 9am-10pm