Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kagurazakashita (神楽坂下店)

This is a new store that opened in March 2012.

It's located in Kagurazaka
one of my favorite parts of Tokyo.

They have this really cool chalkboard wall in the far end of the store.

I thought it was kind of cool how they can
change the wall art from time to time.

Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers
Cool Lime Refresheres

They also had a cork board on the wall
for local news and posters.

The bright poster is for the
Kagurazaka Festival.

You can see parts of the festival below
right outside of the store.

1-9-2 秀永ビル

Shuei Bldg
1-9-2 Kagurazaka
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo


Everyday: 7am-11pm

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Meiji Jingumae Metropia (明治神宮前メトロピア店)

Mango White Mocha Frappuccino

July 7th is Tanabata (Star Festival) in Japan.

It's tradition to write your wish on strips of paper
and hanging them on bamboo branches for this holiday.

And this Starbucks store was celebrating, too!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Four Seasons Tameike Sano Bldg (フォーシーズ溜池山王ビル店)

Cool Vacation Tumbler
Whip Trip Tumbler
Go Out Tumbler (Yellow, Blue)
Frost Glass
Embossed Logo Mug (Blue, Light Green, Yellow)

Chai Tea Latte

Have you ever seen a Starbucks store with an elevator?

I don't think I ever have
and I actually never noticed it here before today
but this Starbucks store has an elevator.

And I actually saw a young couple
with a baby and a stroller use it while I was there.
How very convenient.

This table is special because
the table top is made from material that include
coffee grounds that were collected in various stores.

I thought that was pretty cool.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Starbucks Discoveries (Iced Latte)

Starbucks Discoveries
Unsweetened Iced Latte

In stores starting July 3, 2012
for a limited time during the summer season.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sendai S-PAL (仙台エスパル店)

This is the Starbucks store
connected to Sendai Station.

The store had a large sitting area
but it was also jammed packed!

Sendai Tumblers and Mugs


1-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku
Sendai-shi, Miyagi


Everyday: 7am-10pm