Monday, March 14, 2011

Nishi Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg (西新宿三井ビル店)

My first morning back to work after the earthquake.
As the trains were not running I decided to walk to work
and stopped by this Starbucks on the way to see if they were open.

Many of the stores in the Kanto area have had to close
or change their store hours in order to accomodate the
mandatory power outage or the lack of merchandise.

Most Sarbucks stores that are open are operating on minimum energy,
as are many other shops and offices in the Tokyo area.
We've been asked by the government & TEPCO to conserve our energy
as it is lacking in the areas affected by the earthquake.

As you can see in the photos, the stores are very dimly lit
and they only served drip coffee in the morning hours.

But all this is part of lending a helping had to people in need
and I think it's a great way to contribute.

I've decided that for the time being I will only order short size drinks
so I can also contribute by donating towards the relief efforts.
(Thought to stop going all together but we need to support the economy, too!)

It's been awhile since I ordered this size.
So cute how little it is!
It's about the same size as my adroid cellphone.

The Starbucks stores may be a little dark
but the baristas there are as warm as ever!

Also here (when the store is lit up) :

If you're looking for ways to help,
you can always donate to the Japanese Red Cross
or to an organization in your country.
I hope you'll continue to pray for Japan.

Thank you so much.


  1. I have been saying many prayers for all people in Japan. My in-laws walked for 11 hours from their Dr's appointment in Tokyo to their home in Tokorozawa on the day of the earthquake. They are 72 and 70 years old. Truly amazing people. I am in awe about how the Japanese people have responded . I think back a few years to US's Katrina and how there was looting and all kinds of disorder. The Japanese have shown the world how to face the worst of all circumstances. Please keep safe. Linda.

  2. Linda, I'm so glad to hear your relatives here were able to get home safely! It was a really cold night and I only had to walk 30mins but was freezing by the time I got home. They must have been so tired when they got back home. Tokorozawa also is in the manditory blackout zone so I hope you're in-laws are warm and safe during the 3 hours of power outage.

    I also want to say a BIG thank you to your absolutely wonderful stories that kept me from panicking during all the aftershocks. Earthquakes don't scare me but living alone and seeing devastating footage on the news 24/7 did overwhelm me to the point of slight paranoia and your wonderful stories with the ever fantastic drawings got me through the first night. Everytime my mind needed a break from everything I went to your blog and read. (If you see an increase in views from Japan? Probably all me.) I'm so glad you commented on my TOkorozawa blog so I could discover yours! Just wanted to say thank you! I will be keeping you and your relative in my prayers. xx