Saturday, April 23, 2011

Iidabashi Karukozaka (飯田橋軽子坂店)

I took a break from the rain in this Starbucks store in Iidabashi.
 It looked like a really big store from the outside
but it only had counter seats along two walls,
and a couple of stool tables inside.

I think the terrace outside would have been
a really great place if it were sunny.

The store didn't feel too small because of the high ceiling.

Chai Tea Latte

This is the terrace view from inside.

What I really liked about this store is the wall art.
I doubt many people notice it because it's so high above the counter
but the design was really cool.

Karukozaka MN Bldg 1F
2-1 Agebacho
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

軽子坂MNビル 1F


Mon-Sat: 7am-10pm
Sun, Holidays: 8am-9pm


  1. Trying to cut back on caffeine and sugar, so may not be much SB in my immediate future...but man, they can sure be inviting places, especially when it's raining.

  2. I seriously don't know how you wake up everyday without caffeine or sugar! lol. Do the teas also have caffeine? It's so hot out lately I've been drinking iced tea everywhere :-D

    And yes I agree, Starbucks is a great cozy spot when it's raining!

  3. Heh...some days I really need some caffeine, but I'm not hooked on the stuff, so most of the time a good 7 or 8 hours of sleep is enough. ;)

    Some teas have caffeine - depends on the type.

  4. I think Mugi-cha doesn't have caffeine, which I try to drink more of in the summer. But I don't think I could do without caffeine completely! ;D