Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shinjuku Nomura Bldg (新宿野村ビル店)

Fall has finally come to Starbucks!!!
Our new promo started on September 1st.
(Can you believe it's fall already?)

The VIA packages got a new fall makeover.
Also the French Roast VIA came out.

(The shelf with all the new merchandise!)

Starbucks STARS Tumbler
(Left) Green
(Right) Light Green 

Embossed Logo Mug
(I LOVE this mug!!!)

Anniversary Blend

Collectible Demi
(Left) Anniversary Brown
(Right) Anniversary White

Apple Crumble Frappuccino

This is our fall drink this year
and it is SO GOOD!!!
And because it's too hot and muggy
all I've tried is the frappuccino...
but I'll bet it tastes just as good as a latte.
Looking forward to that :)

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  1. I visited many Starbucks during a visit to Japan. My favorite was in the location in the underground mall near the Kyoto train station!

    Had to have my fix!

  2. Wow, there're so many new things! Siren tumbler and mugs, new VIA products, and green-themed merchandise too! Here the stocks just arrived yesterday, but won't be displayed until this 13th. BTW, what is the thing in the 2nd picture, Starbucks Essentials?... =?

  3. All Those Things I Love! -- Thanks so much for the comment! I've never been to the one you're referring to...will have to look for it the next time I'm there :D

    Kara -- Thanks so much for commenting! We did get a variety of Anniversary blend goods and the new siren goods. The Starbucks Essentials you're referring to in the second picture is probably a coffee milk mixer to make foam ;D