Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Handmade Starbucks Anniversary Blend Booklet

Apple Crumble Frappuccino

Apple Crumble Latte

One of the reasons I love this Starbucks store is because
the baristas always make a little booklet
about the coffee that comes out with a new promo.

Sep 1st was the start of the fall promo
and the Anniversary Blend came back to the shelves.
This booklet introduces the Anniversary Blend
and shares all kinds of information about it.

It seems that every barista at this Starbucks store
has a page of their own and they put it together
to make this very unique and charming booklet.

I chose some of my favorite pages.
Hope you enjoy.

(Starbucks Japan is celebrating their 15th Anniversary this year)

(This store sees it's share of foreigners.)

(Suggest a food paring with the Pumpkin Tart.)

(Some of the baristas draw really well.)

(Close...but no cigar. lol.)

(The pumpkin is waving and saying "Please eat♥")

(I thought this Siren holding a Japanese flag was cute.)

(Look at how creative this page is!)

(This page told the story of the Siren.)

(We also got the French Roast VIA for a limited time.)

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  1. Wow~!!! I LOVE it!!!!

  2. I like the new apple crumble latte! :D and frappucino too of course!

  3. Masae -- そうなのー!!!ここすごくバリスタもやさしくて、大好きなんだよね♡♡♡

    Ploy -- I do, too! I think I like it better than last year's fall drink ;D

  4. That apple crumble looks really good. Wonder if they have that going on here, too...

  5. I actually read that they do have it in certain areas in the states like North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida!