Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hanyu Parking Area (羽生パーキングエリア(下り線)店)

This is the Starbucks store at a rest area on the Tohoku Expressway.

I'm not sure what rest areas on freeways in other counties are like,
but the ones in Japan have more than just bathroom facilities.
Large places have restaurants, souvenier corners,
and lots of shops selling local products.

And we also have Starbucks.
I think there are about 35 stores in all
scattered over various expressways in Japan.

All stores continue to gather donations
for the people affected by the 3.11 quake/tsunami.

It's a great place to rest before you continue your journey.
Especially if you're driving for hours on end.

Pasar Hanyu
824 Sanshinden Miroku
Hanyu-shi, Saitama 



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