Friday, January 13, 2012

Kayabacho (茅場町店)

This store became a Reserve store just last year.
It's in a business district and is always full of customers.

Chocolate Biscotti

Vanilla & Coffee Macaron

I love this store because they have a photograph
on the wall of the street the store is actually on from years ago.
You can see what has changed and what hasn't...
for example, we no longer have the streetcars.
I could look at it for hours.

Marshmallow and Strawberry Pie

Berry Heart Cakepop

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  1. I love the cute menu board. Now I feel like some coffee and cake.

  2. Jealous of the berry heart cake pop! have one for me! :) -Jill (aloveforthebean - coffee obsession at its finest!

  3. I noticed the cute ceramic valentine's day mug on the table! Wish we had that too. And I like the looks of that chocolate biscotti! Thanks for sharing your sweet treats with us.

  4. Sorry about the late replies everyone. Thanks for the comments!

    @Lisa, hope you had your coffee and cake! :D

    @Jill, isn't the berry heart cake pop the cutest thing? Wish you could try it...but bet you have some delicious cake pops where you are, too ;D

    @Melody, I really liked this years valentine mugs, too. And although I've never had the biscotti, it caught my eye the other day ;D