Friday, December 2, 2011

Seibu Shinjuku PePe (西武新宿PePe店)

Christmas Blend
Christmas Blend Espresso Roast

Starbucks Japan launched its second Christmas promo!
It started on December 1st.

Stainless Coffee Bottle (Gold)

Stainless Coffee Bottle (Silver)

(Left) Candlelight Mug Red
(Middle) Dot Mug Yellow
(Right) Forrest Mug Purple

Wrapping Tumbler
(Left) Blue
(Right) White

Holiday Boy Cakepop
(I love how mine has a little milk mustache!)

Black Forrest Cake

Also here:


  1. Are those bottles like thermoses? They look like canisters!

  2. Love the mugs and the cute snowman cake.

  3. I am always so jealous of the merchandise you guys have, it's always so cute and pretty - It's totally a japan thing I think!

  4. Mostly I am jealous of that black forest cake. It looks delicious! I would love to try it. And it always does seem like you get great merchandise. Thanks again for sharing the world of Starbucks-Japan with us!!

  5. @BlueShoe, I think it is like a thermos!

    @Lisa, it's tasty, too!

    @Dave, it seems we are always in need of something new and cute...definitely a cultural thing!

    @Melody, I was surprised they brought it here since it's not a really popular cake in Japan. But it was delicious!