Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg (新宿三井ビル店)

Ho ho ho!
Christmas is already here at Starbucks!

The Christmas promo started today on November 2nd.
Everyone was giddy about the red cups
and Christmas songs were already playing!

Holiday Beverage Card
(it includes one free drink of any size)

This is a Coffee Starter Set
which includes four coffees (50g each):
Breakfast Blend
Guatemala Antigua
Caffe Verona

It also includes 20 paper filters and a spoon.

Christmas Blend

Seasonal Cakepops
(Left) Strawberry Cake
(Right) Holiday Boy

White Bearista

Our holiday drinks this year are:
Toffeenut Latte
Cranberry White Mocha
Gingerbread Latte

Gingerbread Man Cookie

(Left) Candy Cane Wrapping Tumbler
(Right) Candy Cane Icon Tumbler

Christmas Tree Calendar 2011

I am really tempted to get this tree!
It's made out of felt and stands on its own.
All 25 pockets have small candy or chocolate in them.
And this includes candy with a red cup design!

I really love this time of the year, don't you?

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  1. The seasonal cake pops are SO CUTE! I love them. I always love Starbucks merch during Christmas. :) :) :)

  2. The holiday boy, right? I'm melting all over the place from how cute it is, ! Love the holidays :D

  3. Yes! The holiday boy is adorable! And I really love the tree!!

  4. It's all so cute and looks extremely yummy!

  5. Haha...ditto, like that tree. Cute.

  6. @Sarah, I agree! I like it so much better than the white tree we had a couple of years ago ;D

    @Lisa, it's very yummy! Hope you get to try it :-D

    @BlueShoe, you can't help but sigh a little over the Christmas decorations. It's just so warm and cute :D

  7. Oh my goodness, the white bear is so adorable! I soooo wish we had those in the States! And the cakepops look super delish! Thanks for this post, Kaori! <3

  8. @TheCoffeeNinja, I think the bearista is super cute, too! Aren't the candy canes adorable? Thanks so much for the comment ;D

  9. I wish we had the blue starry mugs here in the states!