Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gate City Osaki (ゲートシティ大崎店)

Starbucks Japan is celebrating their 15 year anniversary this year!
The company was established in Japan on Oct. 26, 1995.
It currently has over 900 stores nationwide.

And on Oct. 1st...
our second fall promo began and brought us
Starbucks Japan anniversary merchandise!

15th Anniversary Mug
(Left) Kibou*
(Right) Connect

In the design are a silhouette of various people
or baristas enjoying their drinks or chatting.
You can see bellow what the back of the mug looks like.

*"Kibou" means "Hope" in Japanese.

If you look closely
you'll see a family of Daruma.
One is even holding a coffee mug.

Apparently the tumbler celebrating 
the grand opening of the first Starbucks store in Japan
was also a Daruma design!

15th Anniversary Kansha* Hearts Tumbler

The design on the bottom is apparently a bracelet design
which represents the strings that bring people together.

*"Kansha" means "Thankfulness" in Japanese.

Starbucks Magnet Set

15th Anniversary Kibou Tumbler

Milk Foamer & Cup

Autumn Blend

I've heard that our new Autumn Blend
is also known as the Thanksgiving Blend in the US.

Chai Tea Latte

We finally got sleeves with the new siren logo, too.
Although some stores still are using the old ones,
probably until they use it up.

Also, this Starbucks store is special because
it not only has a lovely store design
but it's also one of our Reserve stores.
And it's also one of only 4 Clover stores in Japan.

I didn't have time to enjoy a Clover this time
but hopefully have time to go soon!

Also here:

Oh I almost forgot!!!
Starbucks Japan also made a video letter
with a snapshot from each and every store in Japan
expressing their appreciation.

Here it is...

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  1. I wonder if there are any Halloween promotions going on, even though it's not really a big holiday in Japan. Pumpkin flavor coffee and pastries could be a hit...