Saturday, August 13, 2011

EXPASA Ashigara Service Area (EXPASA足柄サービスエリア(下り線)店)

This is the Ashigara service area on the Tomei freeway.
It's a big service area with a huge food court and shops,
which is why it's always packed with people.

We stopped here on our way to Mt. Fuji
because it also has a Starbucks store.

I love how this Starbucks store uses bricks.

From left to right:
Chai Cream Frappuccino
Mango Passion Tea Frappuccino
Lime & Mint Green Tea Frappuccino
Lime & Passion Tea Frappucino

Shizuoka Tumblers
(Do you see Mt. Fuji in the design?)

Starbucks Cold Cup Tumblers

Starbucks stores in service areas along freeways
have Danish Rusk on their menus for a limited time.

Danish Rusk

It was good and we ate it all in a matter of seconds.
I think we need them in a bigger cup.

EXPASA Ashigara on Tomei Freeway
599 Kuwagi Oyama-cho
Sunto-gun, Shizuoka

東名高速道路 EXPASA足柄


Everyday: 7am-9pm

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