Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg (新宿三井ビル店)

Like it says on the table...

Starbucks Japan 2011 Sakura Series
began today and will be here for a month.

Sakura Greeting Card
(with drink coupon)

Sakura Danish

This Sakura Danish was really good.
There was paste in the middle with a Sakura Mochi taste.

Sakura 2011 Mug

Sakura 2011 Starbucks Card
(I LOVE this years Starbucks Card!!!)

Sakura 2011 Bearista Girl
(notice she's wearing a kimono!)

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  1. Okay, Kaori... I don't share your passion for Starbucks, okay? :-D But I do drink good coffee, would be lost without it. And if I could have those Sakura cups without the Starbucks logo I'd be thrilled. It IS a little early for Sakura, isn't it? Just dropped by to thank you for your V Day greeting... Hope your move is going well!

  2. hi kaori, although not a starbucks fan either, but a coffee lover.
    i love those cool updates on what's new, you sure you're not working for starbucks right?! ^-^ hehe.
    love the mug and kimono teddy.

    i hope your moving to the metro is going well (too!)
    can't wait for your new blog.
    happy hearts day to you too! ^0^

  3. Hi Francisca! Hi Arabesque!

    Thank you for the comments despite the fact that you two aren't a Starbucks fan ;-D haha. I don't know how I ended up here either but it's probably the fact that Starbucks is about the only complete non-smoking cafe in Japan. I like clean air!

    It's going to be a while until we can see the real cherry blossoms here. We actually had a snowfall on Valentine's Day! Right now the plum blossoms are blooming everywhere. I'm very ready for spring now :-D

    As for the move, I'm never going to move in Feb ever again...it's one of the busiest months for me workwise and I have only packed 3 boxes of books. And the movers are coming in a few days...eek! Cannot wait until the move is over and I can just relax in my new apartment :-D

    Miss you both!

  4. Kaori, it's true, I'd forgotten about that... Japanese seem to have a more difficult time letting go of the tobacco habit! :-D I used to fly Air Japan now and then, and they were still allowing smoking in planes when most others had banned it. I wonder if they finally followed. That would be an excellent reason to choose Starbucks over a local cafe...

    You're not an accountant, are you? For them it's the busy tax season coming up... :-D I'm sure you'll get it together. But three boxes of books? I have to move later this year and don't want to think of how much needs to be packed! I'm escaping to Europe for four months first... :-D

    See you later! Happy moving, Kaori! Here's a hug of encouragement!

  5. My daughter thinks the "bearista" is cute! Wish we had these items in the states.

  6. Francisca, thank you for the hug! I finally made it through the move! Just settling in now :-D

    I'm a ANA user so haven't been on a JAL flight in a while...but recently all the flights are non-smoking. But they always annouce the fact that you will get arrested if you smoke in the bathrooms, so there must be some flyers who still try to sneak in a smoke!

    And no, I'm not an accountant. Thank goodness for that. I'm sure someone would shoot me if I ever tried...never could understand figures! lol. But it's a busy period for us in real estate as well :-)

    Are you moving out of the country? Can't wait to catch up with you and your photos! Take care, Francisca! See you soon :-D

  7. wlindam, thank you for the comment!!!

    Did you see the valentine bearista, too? I think I like that one more than the recent Sakura bearista :-D

  8. I trust you are safely in Tokyo, Kaori. I only now had the time to view the footage of the disaster. What a horror for your countrymen!