Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shinjuku Marui Honkan 2F (新宿マルイ本館2階店)

Starbucks Christmas 2010 pamphlet

Also here:


  1. Oh! I am looking forward to the Starbucks part of the holidays now!!

    Your blog is beautiful. Melody led me here. Thanks Mel!

  2. Nice blog! I also was led here by StarbucksMelody. Great photos!


  3. Isn't Melody's blog ( the best? ;-D

    Linda, thank you for commenting! I LOVE the holiday season, too. Can't wait for this year's red cup at starbucks :-D

    LatteRose, thank you for the comment! All I really have are photos but I'm glad you like them :-D

  4. LOL ME too! I was reading starbucksmelody's blog on Via Xmas Blend & was led to your blog! Cool blog Kaori sa~n!

    I'm so jealous! I see that SBUX Japan gets Nutty White Mocha & Caramel Éclair latte! I wonder how they are made & I wonder if it's possible to make them w/ normal SBUX ingredients in the US? :D

    Thank you for sharing such great holiday info! Hontoni manzoku shimashita :D

  5. Melody suggested her readers pop over here, and I am glad she did, so many beautiful photos, it makes me excited for the holiday seasonal items to show up here. The eclaire late drink devine!

  6. Hi Riki, comment domo arigato! I'm excited about the new drink menu, too! I have no idea how they make the drinks...maybe I'll ask. It starts tomorrow, yay! ;-D

    Hi AmazonV, thank you for dropping by and commenting! I know what you mean! I'm looking forward to the christmas version starbucks card and the coasters :-D

  7. Jummie, I think I'm going to move to Japan. Just for the Starbucks drinks ;-) Thanks for the great pics!

  8. Mirjam, thanks for dropping by! You should definitely (At Least!) visit Japan ;-D

  9. Like your blog. what I like about Japan is the starbucks sakura tumblers. I wish I can have one someday. Each country have different tumbler designs but so far it was from Japan that I like to have the most.