Saturday, July 6, 2013

Inspired by Starbucks Tamagawa 3-Chome (インスパイアード バイ スターバックス 玉川3丁目店)

This store is not exactly a Starbucks store.
It's an Inspired by Starbucks store.

Our very first one in Japan!

The store is on the first floor of an apartment building.
There are a couple of tables and chairs out on the patio outside
and also several benches along the wall.

Shaken Orange Raspberry

The inside looks nothing like a regular Starbucks store.

They also have a completely different menu.
The drinks range from a clover coffee to wine to fresh juice.
Their food menu looked really delicious, too.

done by the amazing Japanese artist Keeda Oikawa.

Aren't they great?

(She also did the wall art at the Starbucks in Roppongi)

Inspired by Starbucks Card

The place was filled with all kinds of customers
but it never got too busy because it's in a residential area.

It was the perfect place to enjoy a sunny afternoon with friends!

Rio Verde 1F
3-34-2 Tamagawa
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo



Everyday: 7:30am-10:00pm

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