Monday, September 3, 2012

Shinjuku Nomura Bldg (新宿野村ビル店)

Curnchy Caramel came to stores in Japan
on September 3rd for the fall promo!

I love spotting the anniversary blend siren
all around the store during this season.

new fall promo menu

(Top) Dark French Roast
(Bottom) Anniversary Blend

Stainless Coffee Bottle Anniversary 2012

Anniversary Logo Charm Tumbler

We actually JUST got flavored VIA!!!

The flavors are
Caramel, Mocha, and Vanilla.

Starbucks Espresso Journey Booklet

15 Items Salad Wrap
Chai Tea Latte

Starbucks Card Hummingbird

This may be the best part of this special Starbucks card.
It's special because it supports the students of the
tsunami affected areas for higher education.

Starbucks Japan is cooperating with
to provide funding for orphaned children of the
Great Eastern Japan Earthquake
who wish to further their education.

All of the orphaned children are included in this fund
which will provide for the children
until they are all of age.

And Starbucks Japan made this card so
customers could also take part in this project.

The Starbucks Card Hummingbird design is
based on the story of the hummingbird,
a tale that is told in the Andes about "doing what you can."
(you can read the story here.)

In the design you can see the hummingbird
carrying the warm thoughts (hearts) that come
from a cup of coffee.
Also, all the paper used for this program,
such as advertising posters or card envelopes
are produced by paper mills and
printing factories in the Tohoku region.

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  1. Hello, Kaori-san! Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia. :)
    I've been a fan of your blog since I stumbled upon it, which was probably last year. :)
    Really love your pics, which portray Starbucks as this one cozy, comfortable place, and your words to describe it; which filled with excitement sometimes & I can just feel it from where I read it (I'm 5782++ km away from Japan, haha).
    To tell you the truth, here, Starbucks don't offer the cute Starbucks cards. :( And the design of the cafe is pretty much similar all over the country. So, it's kinda different from Starbucks in Japan. Would love to go to your country sometimes! I'm saving for it. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! (Very sorry my reply is so late!) I hope you get a chance to come to Japan, too. We also have many stores that are pretty "regular" but we have some unique stores as well. I think you'd have a great time if you came here :D