Friday, June 29, 2012

Atre Vie Tabata (アトレヴィ田端店)

This is a pretty great Starbucks store
located inside a station mall.

There's a bookstore and a sitting area on the same floor
and as the store doesn't have any walls
it gives the whole area an open feel
which I really like.

At the counter
they had a little booklet with 
various ways of making frappuccinos
that baristas and customers contributed to.

This month's frappuccino recommendation was
Almond Pudding Frappuccino.

According to the sign, it's a
Non-Vanilla Almond Vanilla Cream Frappuccino
with Mango Pudding.

Almond Pudding Frappuccino
(it may look weird but it was great!)

Bottle Case Pale Blue


Atre Vie Tabata
1-17-2 Higashi Tabata
Kita-ku, Tokyo


Mon-Fri: 7am-10pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 8am-9pm

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