Sunday, January 1, 2012

Osaka Kyobashi Daiei(大阪京橋ダイエー店)

Happy New Year!
Can you believe it's 2012 already?

Here in Japan, we celebrate the new year with family at home.
But it's also a time for major sales at retail stores.
They sell something called a Fuku-bukuro.

Fuku-bukuro means "lucky bag" in Japanese,
and they are always set at a specific price,
 but you don't know what's inside until you buy it.

So this year, for the first time ever,
I decided to buy a Starbucks fuku-bukuro
just to see what was inside!

I bought the 3,000yen bag
since the 5,000yen bag was already sold out.

I really like the bag with the new logo on it!
(My sister ended up buying one, too)

And look what we found inside the bags!

1. Felt placemats and coasters (2 set)
2. Reusable cup sleeve
3. Siren CD
4. Starbucks VIA French Roast (3 sticks)
5. Starbucks VIA Columbia (3 sticks)
6. Two beverage cards
7. Scratchcard for coffee beans  

A pretty great deal when you add in the bag itself
and the excitement of seeing what's inside it!

This store used to be a Wendy's up until the end of 2010.
So this Starbucks store is fairly new.

I really like all the pictures they have hanging on the walls.
And it seems like the baristas also like taking pictures.
They had a sign on the board (above) asking for people to send in pictures.


Kyobashi Daiei
2-3-51 Katamachi Miyakojima
Osaka-shi Osaka


Everyday: 7am-11pm


  1. This is incredible. I am so jealous of all the cool stuff Japan gets. I love the surprise tote bag! The bag itself is very cute. And I like the wall art at this store too. Thanks for the store visit!

  2. Belated happy new year, Kaori! Here's to a happy and caffeinated 2012!

  3. @Melody, it's a tradition in Japan that most retail stores cell the surprise bags. I'm using it pretty often, the bag is super cute!

    @Lisa, you'll have to come for New Years! :D

    @BlueShoe, hear hear! ;D